Projector Screen Rentals in Michigan

Our company provides audio and visual rentals for a variety of events. If you are planning a company event in Michigan and need help with the projector & screen rental then you have come to the right place. EEG maintains a large inventory or popular rental solutions for immediate availability.

Brightness of Projectors

Most commonly you might be planning a presentation or social gather and need to display a power point presentation. Wether you are in your company office or a local banquet hall, our visual solutions are flexible to fit your needs. Our projectors are rated at a respectable 6000k lumen. This gives you the brightness needed for dim lighting in spaces.

Size & Method of Projecting

For your piece of mind we have a variety of projection methods. Depending on your guest count will determine the size screen we use. If you are in a larger space, then we will recommend a larger 9’x12′ screen display. To give the setup a seamless look we might incorporate black velour draping to hide cables and cords. We can also project the image from front or rear. This way when your guests look at the screen the magic for how the video is displayed is hidden.

In the past we have used remote sound with microphone assistance to help speakers communicate breakout spaces.

Audio Sound Reinforcement

The second thing you might need is a way to incorporate audio into your presentation. We will frequently have an audio technician onsite at corporate functions to assist with a sound package. Encore Event Group rents mixers, speakers, and cabling to make sure message is heard. Most company events will have smaller spaces for groups to gather and discuss separate but related topics. In the past we have used remote sound with microphone assistance to help speakers communicate breakout spaces.

Corporate Event Help

Our team understands the complexities of company get togethers. Wether it is large or small our staff will give your company the care and attention it deserves. Besides projectors, screens, and sound; our team also rents lighting design, drapery, lounge furniture, and photo booths. If you need help with a projector please contact our team for a phone consultation. Given your space, size, & display requirements we can customize a package that gives you the look you want. Check your date’s availability below to make sure your message is not only visible but also memorable.

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