Our Limitation is Your Imagination

Why settle for the same look as everyone else? Encore creates Michigan event décor from your creativity and vision. At the end of the night when we get high-fives hugs and handshakes, it’s all worth it. Watch crystal chandeliers on the right

“The method is in the madness…” William Shakespeare


You present your idea and maybe even some pinterest photos that show what you want.


Our team will spend hours (and a lot of coffee) brainstorming ways to make this a reality.


Now we know the what, it’s time to build your design. Just like mad scientist we go to work!


It’s time to deliver the look you want with perfection. Sit back and relax… you’re in great hands.

Larger Than Life Picture Frames

You can get creative with your design elements when using picture frames. Hang these behind stages & through tunnels. Besides hanging silver or gold frames, you can also suspend chandeliers in the frames. Picture your event perfect, read more here.

See Photo Example

Glamorous Crystal Trees

You & your guests can walk through a forest of crystal trees. These resemble weeping willows with crystal bead strands. We’ve seen clients use these for aisle ways at their ceremony. Want something different? Request them bare & dress them yourself.

See Photo Example

Romantic Redwood Ceremony Arch

Your ceremony is just one place to incorporate your décor ideas. What better way to give you a classic outdoor vibe than with branches & ivory poly silk draping. It was beautiful to see this ceremony arch in action, and it will look amazing displayed at yours.

See Photo Example

Beautiful Crystal Chandeliers

Create a focal point at your upcoming celebration with towers of crystal. These chandeliers go up to 12 feet tall. Avoid the cords with our wireless battery powered remote controlled LED. Place these on the 4 corners of your dance floor and in-between tables.

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Timeless Hanging Chandeliers

When it comes to outdoor events you have to get creative with lighting and décor. Combine these two elements by hanging antique chandeliers from trees. They’re the perfect backdrop for your ceremony. Use them over your dance floor & create a warm glow.

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