What Will Your
Message Be?

When you rent big letters for your Michigan wedding you are making a statement. The words you spell will be more than just decorations in your space. These letters will be captured in all your photos and videos. They create the memories to a much larger picture. See the different ways you can tell your story on the right

Use for Photo Shoots

Letters are great for your engagement shoot, near step and repeats, by photo booths, and even on the red carpet. If you can think up a way to get these in the camera, your guests will come up with the rest.

Create Your Sweet Heart Table

A popular trend is to design your sweet heart table out of letters. It can be a fully spelled word like XOX or LOVE or just your initials with an &. We secure a tempered glass surface on top so that your table is both functional and stylish.

Combine with Initials

Like we mentioned earlier, you can use initials with our big letters (example A&R). Besides using these on table they can be displayed where ever you like. The letters become a part of your decorations and blend in with the rest of your room.

Use for Birthdays

There is no better way to say happy birthday than with really big Michigan letters. Before you blow out the candles your guests will notice the clever way you use our rentals. Create tables that spell out common themes like ONE & SWEET16.

Perfect for Baby Showers

You guests know you are expecting, but they are not expecting to see letters at your baby shower. Use these to help tell what you are having with table spelled out as BOY or GIRL. If it is a surprise gender reveal party then use the BABY table.

Class Reunion & Proms

Nothing says school spirit better than our letter rentals. Our team can help you personalize your event’s theme with a mixture of letters and numbers. Send the senior class off in style or party like its 1979.

Great for Corporate Events

When planning a corporate event your message is all about delivery. Have it stick by using larger than life letters & words on your main stage. This helps leave a lasting impression about your brand. Spell out CEO other fun office abbreviations!

Don’t Forget Your Candy Table

Your candy table is bar far the sweetest way to use letters! We have seen clients use the words CANDY and SWEET as tables. We event have the glass tops to help you create a level surface. Get everything you need from EEG (minus the candy).

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