What happens when the lights come down? The beautiful details of your space may be lost or overlooked just from lighting. Brides are always looking to make sure that all of their efforts are noticeable. No one wants something left behind that they put a large amount of time and effort into. What is the best way to accentuate your larger than life arrangements and details? Michigan pinspots lighting.

Your table’s centerpieces are beautiful pieces that are not just an arrangement on a table, but a focal point for all of your guests to interact with each other. A lot of clients don’t even realize that they can pinspot arrangements and fixtures at the center of their tables. With the use of pinspot lighting you can illuminate the important design qualities of your tables without disturbing your guests. To do so, pinspots are set several feet up in the air to ensure that the beam is concentrated at the center of the table.

We did just that at the Inn St. Johns Plymouth. We used our brilliant pinspot lighting to illuminate the clients artistically designed centerpieces throughout the entire night. The lights made every detail of the table shine and created a beautiful setting for the guests.

Pinspot lighting is not just limited to centerpieces, anything that you want to highlight or draw attention to can be lit up. Have an incredible ice sculpture? We can illuminate the piece to really bring some sparkle to your room. Not only that, the ice will capture and reflect the light to create dramatic shadows and the illusion that the sculpture is glowing. What about your delicious and beautifully designed cakes? In a dark room, pinspots can light up a cake to make it the center of attention. This way guests can enjoy the fine details of your cake before they taste it. Your guests may actually feel bad eating the cake after they see how amazing it looks as a temporary decoration.

Encore doesn’t just let the pinspots do all of the work either. We work with the venue and their house lights to create the perfect balance of ambient and focused lights. While the venue lights are up during the earlier times of the night, the pieces the pinspots are focused on will softly glisten. We recommend dimming the light inside the facility to give the spots a more vibrant look. Once the lights have been brought down, the only thing that will stand out will be your centerpieces, your ice sculptures, your cake, or whatever you decide to highlight. Want to see a video of this space? Watch a clip below to see this room (pinspots not featured in video).

The fixtures are very bright and need to be so that their focus is brightly illuminated. We make sure that each light properly aimed in the right place with the appropriate beam. This also means we personally sit in every single one of your guest’s seats to make sure that your guests will not be blinded by the centerpiece pinspots. We also only recommend using pinspots for larger centerpieces. Reason being, you will need a large arrangement to soak up the beam from the pinspot. Also, some clients have half small and half large centerpieces. When using arrangements like these, we suggest only pinspotting half of your tables. For example, if you have 30 tables and half with small pieces and the other half with large ones, then you only need 15 pinspots. This is a great thing to keep in mind for the budget conscious client.

Give your beautiful centerpieces and fine details the attention they deserve with Encore pinspots. You will love how the focal points of your room will pop and shine throughout the night and the sparkle that is captured by the photos of your photographer.

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