Ultimate List of Photo Booth Prop Ideas

Here’s a great list of prop ideas to get your mind thinking about what you want to bring to your party for your photo booth. Let’s talk headgear! There are literally thousands of things you can bring to a celebration. If you are hosting a holiday party, bring relative items. For example, if you are having a Christmas party you can bring items such as santa hats, reindeer antler headbands, elf hats or even giant candy canes. What about St. Patrick’s day? Try out green leprechaun hats, headbands with clovers, and just about anything else you can think of that’s green that you would wear on your head. Here’s a solid starting list when you go out looking for headgear!


• Classy Black Top Hat
• Gotta have the mullet wig (business in front and party in the booth)
• Princess Crown and Sash (pageant style)
• Roman Battle Helmet
• Viking Helmet
• Neon Gangster Hats
• Mickey Mouse ears
• Straw Hat
• Clown Wig and Noses (have extra noses, these things rip instantly)
• Sombrero
• Halo
• Sailor Hat
• Cat Ears (meow)
• Pirate hat (find the hook and plastic musket combo)
• Statue of Liberty Foam Crown
• Black Fedora
• Biker Helmets
• Small Baseball Bat
• Eye patches…. arrrrrrrr
• Indian feathered head dress (Think YMCA village people)
• Foam Gym Headband
• Bunny Ears
• Metallic Wig (silver, pink, blue or purple will work fine)
• Santa Hat
• Elf Hat with Pointy Ears
• Reindeer Antler Headbands
• Leprechaun Hats (a pot of treasure too)

And that’s just the beginning! Just think of what you can stick onto your head and wah lah! You have now have an instant photo booth headgear prop! Use your imagination and your guests will too when they step into your booth.

Everyone has at one point or another wanted to hide or change their identity. Why not give your guests their chance with a good assortment of facegear! There are some great options for holidays too. For Christmas you could bring Santa beards, Rudolph’s red nose, or even a Grinch mask. Let’s use St. Patrick’s Day as an example again, you could bring “beer goggles”, fake leprechaun beards, or crazy glasses with blinking 4 leaf clovers. The same could be said for just about any other holiday too. You know Halloween will be easy, besides your guests wearing their costumes, you could offer some more accessories that follow along with the spooky theme. For example, hockey masks, ski masks, batman masks, or something off the wall like a pumpkin head! Listed below are some great options to offer your guests.


• Big Geeky Glasses
• Mardigras Mask and Beads (multiple colors for variety)
• Animal Ears and Noses
• Mustache + Nose + Eyebrow Mask
• Tons of Sunglasses (guests tend to keep them on their face)
• Gold Elvis Glasses
• Scuba Gear
• Hockey Masks
• Bandanas
• Ski Masks
• Fake Beards
• Animal Masks
• Batman Mask
• Beer Goggles
• Blinking holiday Glasses
• Pumpkin Heads

The only thing stopping you is your creativity! Beware; your guests just might assume a different identity for the night when you offer up some disguises. Keep in mind that the cooler the props, the more likely guests will hold onto them throughout the night. Don’t be surprised if someone is wearing a chewbacca mask on your dance floor.

What better way to get people involved than by putting something in their hands. This is where things get totally outta control. You can bring anything you want for your guests to use in the photo booth. I guarantee that items like Hulk Hands and Boxing gloves in the same booth will make for some interesting photos. Handhelds are a great way for your guests to interact with each other inside the booth to get the best pictures. Let’s go over what makes a great handheld prop.


• Fake Mustache on Stick (basically anything on a stick)
• Foam Fingers (of your favorite and rival team)
• Caveman Clubs (get the wigs too)
• Dry Erase Speech Bubble
• Inflatable Guitars & Microphones
• Pimp chain and cup
• pitchfork
• Plastic Ball and Chain
• Boxing Gloves
• Big Lollipop
• Popeye Arms
• A Grammy
• Hollywood Action Scene Marker
• Long Stemmed Rose (make sure it is not a real rose that can cut you)
• Empty Champagne Bottles (these are FUN)
• Hulk Hands
• Fake Weapons (swords, hammers, guns, etc.)

We are not held accountable for hurt feelings due to signs or battles between a guest with a pitchfork and another with hulk hands.

Now HERE is where it gets interesting! You can never have too many accessories. Just about anything can be used as such. Some popular props that fit here are the all-mighty feather boas. Whether you are a burly, giant of a man or a pretty young lady, everyone loves a feather boa. If it’s a holiday party, why not grab some life-size cardboard cut outs of your boss or company mascot? Who doesn’t want to take a picture with Santa Claus or even a greedy leprechaun? Maybe cupid will make an appearance as well? Let’s say you’re having a seasonal party such as a winter wonderland theme. We’ve had polar bears and giant snowflakes in our booths before! For wedding make a giant cut out of yourself, you will never miss a shot! Just be careful if you have that crazy relative, they will make you take poses without your consent! Check some of these out.


• Hawaiian Leis (again multiple colors)
• Feather Boas (these make a mess)
• Tutu
• Angel Wings
• Coconut Bikini Top
• Sports Equipment
• Chalk Board for Messages
• Gladiator Body Armor
• Large Antique Frame (guests can frame themselves)
• Fake Torches
• Cardboard Cutouts
• Blowup Animals
• Giant Snowflakes

No animals were harmed in the making of this article…

Still not sure what to bring? Encourage your guests to use their surroundings as props too! We’ve had everything from chainsaws (not running) to a can of baked beans, and a lawn gnome used as props. Just because its not on the prop table doesn’t mean that it can’t be used as a prop. Let’s face it, when you have a drink in your hand, you have hard time just putting it down. Use your jack and coke as part of your poses (or whatever you may be drinking)! Use a piece of cake or even a chicken wing, because there’s no such thing as a bad idea when it comes to a prop. At the end of the night we guarantee you will have some very unique pictures. Use your surroundings, but above all else, have fun with your photo booth props!

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