Michigan Prom Themes Ideas

Big City Themes!

How about a party theme like that of a big city’s night life? With Encore’s uplighting, we can match that feel and atmosphere to put you in the spotlight, just like in Hollywood. We can even design a photo booth strip to reflect what kind of city theme you’d like. Whether it’s the Eiffel tower of France or towering skyscrapers of New York, we design it around what you want. If you like James Bond, you could have your night look and feel like Casino Royale. Here are some fun ideas to help plan a big city prom your way.

• Paris
• New York
• Chicago
• Miami
• California
• London
• Detroit
• Hollywood/Red Carpet
• Vegas
• Casino/Dice

Throwback Themes!

Looking for a more classical style? Why not step into the era of Frank Sinatra and swing? How about something a little more regal, like that of medieval royalty? Our lights can change color to match your prom with yellows and whites to match the classy look of a Gatsby style. Try something a little funkier with music of that 70’s boogie fever. Start here if you want to travel time, try a throwback style.

• The Great Gatsby
• Roaring Twenties
• Rat Pack
• Ragtime
• Time Travel
• Fabulous Fifties
• Boogie Fever
• Moulin Rouge

Worldly Travel Themes!

Want to travel do a distant land? Decorate your space with bright vibrant colors like that of Arabian Nights. We can use our lights to paint the room in a deep red or pink to elaborate on your décor. Take your guests on a safari with yellows and greens with a jungle theme. Your photo booth strip can be designed with different nation’s flags and styling to fit your desired theme or even plants and safari type designs. If you are looking to take your space somewhere else in the world, then read the themes below.

• Arabian Nights
• Shanghai Moon
• Moroccan
• Safari Jungle
• Hot Air Balloon
• Flags of the Continents
• Greek
• Egyptian Pharaoh
• Desert Oasis

Tropical Vacation Themes!

Looking to get away to a tropical paradise? It might be difficult to move your venue to such a place. What you can do is transform the inside into your own personal island getaway. Colors such as teal and greens resemble that of water and palm trees. Our lights can also project aquatic scenes on the walls and ceiling to make it seem as if you are underwater. We will work with you to design your own oasis! Your photo booth strip can reflect the warm waters and sandy beaches of a tropical vacation. Start planning your vacation to Hawaii with a few of these awesome ideas.

• Oceanview
• Shipbound
• Island
• Tropical Oasis
• Hawaiian Luau
• Under The Sea
• Octopus

Entertainment Themes!

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in the spot light? Our City of Lights can project a light show like that of a rock concert or make you feel like you’re on a movie set. Your photo booth strip will look like a strip of film from a movie or snapshots by paparazzi. Step into the life of an entertainer with a few different walks of life below.

• Rockstar
• Jazz Blues
• Film/Movie strip
• Celebrity vs. Paparazzi
• Limo’s
• Movie Stars

Sweets & Themes!

Do you have a bit of a sweet tooth? Perhaps a candy or sugar theme is right for you. Our lights can be set to project any treat you would like. We can also make our lighting soft and in pastel colors to accentuate your decor. In addition to the lighting, we can customize your photo booth strips with candies and desserts. So if you have a craving for something sweet, here’s a great place to start.

• I Love Candy
• Ice Cream Social
• Lollipops
• Cupcakes
• Sprinkles

Scary Themes!

Do you listen for things that go bump in the night? We can set our lighting to be more on the dark side. Oranges, purples, and reds make a great spooky atmosphere. Your photo booth strips can also be designed with Phantom of the Opera or vampires in mind. Your guests will be shaking in their shoes! So if you’re looking for something a little more macabre, here are some unpleasant themes that will raise your hair.

• Creepy Cemetery
• Phantom of the Opera
• Night Fright
• Tombstones
• Blood
• Night of the Living Dance
• Vampires
• Halloween

Seasonal Themes!

Planning a holiday party? Encore Event Group has a wide variety if lighting options to accommodate any season. For example, reds and greens for Christmas or green clovers projected on the walls for St. Patrick’s Day. The photo booth is also a fun way to show your holiday spirit. You can choose hearts for Valentine’s Day or jack-o-lanterns for Halloween. Image projection is a great way to accent your next seasonal get together.

• Bring in the New Year
• Holiday Décor
• Spring
• 4th of July
• Bunnies
• St. Patties Day/Clovers
• Winter Wonderland
• Autumn & Leaves
• Snowflakes
• Fireworks

Fantasy Themes!

Did you read fairy tales as a child, what about comic books? Who didn’t want to grow up and become a princess or a super hero? For one night you can be. We can shine a spotlight on the floor for your fairy tale dance or have the lights move around the room looking for your super villain.  The photo booth strips can be designed to look like a comic or we can print jewels on the borders if you have something royal in mind. Drapery is a great way to highlight your space and make it grand. So if you want to wow your guest with a fantasy theme, these are some majestic themes to get you thinking.

• Castle
• Cinderella
• Magic Lamp
• Super Hero
• Magic & Mystery
• Carnival
• Feathers/Fairies
• Royalty

Celestial Themes!

We’ve all looked up and seen the moon and stars before. What about a night where you share the space with these giants? Our lights can project stars onto your ceiling, dance floor, or anywhere else in your space. Using blues and purples you can create a galactic scene that resembles the nebulas from which stars are born. Your photo booth strip can also be designed to look like the expanse of space. Dance among the sky and stars with a theme that is out of this world.

• Stars
• Moon
• Clouds
• Sun
• Galactic
• Alien
• Heaven

Romantic Themes!

If you are looking to create a warm and inviting night, then this is where you start. The décor of your venue should involve deep reds and soft pinks that will pull on the emotions. Perhaps a masquerade ball where everyone is equal; hidden only behind a mask. Candelabras set as tables centerpieces bring the attention to multiple focal points. Work with us one on one to design the perfect photo booth strip for your romantic evening. Together we will create an inviting vibe with one of the below themes.

• Masquerade Ball
• Glitter & Glam
• Hearts
• Romeo & Juliet
• Diamonds
• Black tie
• Candelabras
• Daisies/Flowers
• Mistletoe

Back To School Themes!

How about we showcase your school at your prom? There’s nothing better than having school spirit and what better way than to show it at your dance. We can match your schools colors with our lights and even project your schools name onto a wall. Speaking of your school colors, we can design your photo booth strip to match those colors along with your school mascot and team names. Here are some unique ways to show off your school spirit.

• Blowup Balloons
• Graduation
• Class Reunion
• Night At The Museum
• Election
• Freeze Frame
• University

Southern Themes!

Who doesn’t like a little southern hospitality? Bring that same warm and inviting charm into your space. If you are looking for a more rustic outdoorsy type prom this may be for you. With our bistro lighting, you can add a simplified, yet elegant look to your space. These same lights are great for outside or inside events. Hide in plain sight with some camouflaged tables and mason jar glasses for your guests. You can even decorate your photo booth strip the same way or add some chevron designs. If you’re going for a southern comfort feel, then look no further than these themes.

• Mason jars
• Sunflowers
• Nascar
• Camo
• Chevron
• Damask

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