tent_canopy_uplighting_amberWhenever you are considering planning your event you will need some form of lighting. However, lighting up an outdoor event is different than doing one inside. There are many factors that come into play. The benefits of outdoor lighting is creating a beautiful glow in your tent. Read more of our article here and see photo examples that give you an idea of how your tent lighting canopy uplighting might look. If you still have questions after reading this, then do not hesitate to contact someone from our team for further assistance.

lighting up an outdoor event is different than doing one inside

Michigan Tents Need This

tent_canopy_uplighting_greenOutdoor tents require lighting as a basic element. Since you are outside and exposed to mother nature, sometimes the brightness of the night sky isn’t enough. In some parts of the state you can’t see your hand in front of your face when the sun sets. At the very minimum you will need tent lighting so guests don trip, catering staff can work, and seated areas are more comfortable. Just like having a party inside a regular banquet hall, there will have to be some form of lighting that allows people to still perform their required jobs.

…Just like having a party inside a regular banquet hall, there will have to be some form of lighting

Factors for Tent Uplights

tent_canopy_uplighting_pinkSome factors to consider with Michigan tent lighting are the weather, power, mounting, and safety. I know that everyone is telling you that there will be no rain the day of your event. However, you want to make sure the lighting still will function even if it does get a little damp outside. Because of this, we recommend IP65 rated fixtures. These lights can be thrown in a lake and still work perfectly. In addition, LEDs do not have a high power draw. Older lighting fixtures can blow circuits leaving your tent dark.

More than likely you will need to rent a generator for the night and the lighting company will have to pull power from this. It is important the lights they use are low-watt LEDs. Lights will have to be secured with the proper clamps and safety cables of the tent frame. Also, any power cords running across the grass should be held in place with lawn staples.

Some factors to consider with tent lighting are the weather, power, mounting, and safety

tent_canopy_uplighting_tealNow that we have discussed the important factors we should probably talk about the costs. If you will be spending money just on the basic elements of lighting (par cans, bistros, portable halogen work lights) sometimes getting uplighting can be close to the same cost. The benefits of uplighting is that the fixtures are computer controlled. Meaning instead of staying the same color the entire night, lighting can change throughout. For a grand entrance the lighting can strobe like cameras are going off, be white for a formal dance, and then go with the music later. What we really love about tent lighting is how it adds energy to your celebration.

How Will You Light Up Your Tent?

As you can tell from this article there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when reserving your tent canopy lighting. Our team has the experience of lighting up hundreds of tents all across Michigan. When it comes to your needs, we understand the importance of lighting and how it can affect your party, wedding, or reception. You can choose from trillions of colors during different portions of your evening. Regardless, at the end of the night we want to reassure you that your guests will leave saying, “that was amazing”. If this is the type of feedback you are looking for, then contact our team today by checking your date below.

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