The Ultimate Pixel Dance Floor Rental

You’ve seen white dance floors & black dance floors. Now take your wedding reception or corporate event to the next level with Michigan pixel video dance floor rentals. Encore Event Group has both black AND white available. Use this floor to create a starlight pattern, have your name scroll across, and display complex abstract visual patterns. Your event deserves more than the basic star light dance floor. Get more with Encore by reserving our video pixel dance floor today.

Since our dance floors are pre-programmed, you have it say whatever you like. Our floors technologically are state of the art. They feature red, green, and blue LEDs that can be individually controlled in a pixel mapped environment.

As you can see in the video above, renting a video dance floor adds energy and class to your wedding receptions. Use our dance floor to display multi-media for your corporate event, or change with the music. The possibilities are endless! Bundle with other popular options to create a truly remarkable celebration that is worthy of an Encore round of applause from your family and close friends.

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