Bridging the gap between guests and requests

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Get your favorites tunes in months before your event. This way you don’t forget them the night of your party. It always feels good to dance to a song you know you requested : ) With Encore’s Pick N’ Play your songs are safely stored in advance so that we can play them later.

Need ideas? See what everyone else is requesting for your party. Now that you can see the most requested songs, help vote them to the top, or be a rebel and make your own choices. Voicing your opinion with Encore Event Group never felt so fun with song popularity.

Pick N’ Play is the perfect way to interact with Encore. We’re able to brainstorm up sets in advance so that everything is well prepared. This gives us a great starting point for your songs! We want to know what you want to dance to. What are you waiting for, get interactive!

Do you want us to give a shout out to someone? Guests now have a way to tell us who to dedicate what songs to. Go ahead and make a request that’s an inside joke from school. We like to think that dedications are a fun surprise that will take you both WAAAYY back.

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