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Let’s face it, you’ve been to other weddings before and you want yours to be different. You want your wedding and reception to reflect your style with the music being played throughout the night. Maybe you’d like a throwback to old school swing or keep it modern with today’s top artists. Luckily with Encore you can request all the songs that you want or don’t want played with online planning. Keep reading this article to help make your wedding totally unique.

We offer our online planner at no cost to you. Once you are confirmed with us you receive a personalized password which you can use to log in to the online planner at the convenience of your computer. Once logged in, you have unrestricted access to hundreds of thousands of songs. Simply drag and drop music choices into the different categories such as “must play” or “if you get a chance to play”, and even a “do not play” list. If you can’t find the song you are looking for, then simply type it into the planner and we will purchase it. You can pick out the songs you would like for certain events throughout the night like your grand entrance, first dance, or something special dedicated to family or friends.

Here at Encore we want to make requesting music as simple as possible

To give you an idea of our popular wedding songs, we have them listed below and in your online planner. This gives you an idea of what other couples are requesting for their reception. Chances are, some of the same songs that you want, your guests will want too. We offer pick and play as a courtesy to get your guests involved with the selection. With pick and play, all you have to do is mail out the cards with your wedding invitations. Guests will then have the ability to log on to our website and request songs. With Pick n Play we will have a great idea of what your family and friends want to dance. For more information on pick and play, click here.

There will always be popular wedding music with the timeless hits. We know that there are always new songs being released. That being said, you can relax knowing our DJ’s stay current with the hot 100 songs. We love to mix these new releases with classic throwbacks to create a unique experience for each reception. It’s our goal to ensure that everyone is having a good time. We can take an old school song, such as “Ain’t too proud to beg” by the Temptations, and loop a Pitbull beat under it. This creates a fresh sound on a classic so that your older and younger guests have something they can enjoy together. There is no right or wrong way; there is just your way. So, check out our list below for a good starting point to build your own playlist.

We are in the process of adding songs to this page. Stay tuned for more song requests.

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