Is your company planning a grand opening or unveiling? Why do companies do this? Events such as these are great or the public eye and the press. Grand openings and unveilings could be anywhere, a warehouse, a tent, or at the front door of a new storefront. CEO’s and other top executives make public speeches and interact with the people in a way that normally the consumer never has the opportunity to do so. VernDale products did just that with a 20 million dollar facility ribbon cutting in Detroit, MI. Encore was able to provide a couple hundred feet of white and black draping in their main warehouse for such an occasion.

This was a ribbon cutting for their new $20M facility

Grand openings are important because it’s a chance for all employees to get together see all of their hard work and dedication being released to the people at a flashy outing. These events will publicly announce local jobs being generated and in this economy, that’s great news for everyone. The local media is blown up by the company’s employees and their families. This generates a buzz with media relations that reach out to outlets such as the local news and radio channels to get them involved and broadcast the event live. The people in charge of the opening also send in press releases to make the grand unveiling known to everyone outside of the immediate employees and their families.

How do you make sure that your ribbon cutting ceremony is all that you want it to be? By building a suspense your guests will enjoy. The suspense of “what’s behind the curtain!?” generates excitement and anticipation. If you’re planning one in a location, you will need to transform the space to make it as awe-inspiring as possible. Not just tables, chairs, and catering. You will need additional décor, draping changes the entire atmosphere and mindset of a location to make it more majestic. Not only does the elegant fabric add some flair, you can use black velour fabric to hide important renovations or objects you want to spring on to the public when you are ready. What we can do with fabric and draping is only limited to what you can imagine.

Our number one concern was ensuring that the draping was high enough to make the space occupied by the guests more intimate. To make sure we knew exactly what and where to do it, Encore did a site visit to evaluate the site. After our visit to the VernDale plant we began our preparations and planning. Ultimately, we needed to be done with the entire setup before the event started.

grand_opening_detroit_photoFor the grand opening, Encore used pipe and drape in the main warehouse to section off the guest area from the catering area. The client was actually still in the process of finishing the structure as construction crews were on the other side of the building. Because of the sheer size of the facility we needed to signify where the main entrance was using our black velour fabric for a doorway to make it known.

Grand openings are important because they generate publicity for the event and make it known how it will impact the local community. You can read more about their article in Craine’s Detroit Business. Encore was able to provide its services to ensure that the VernDale ribbon cutting was all that it could be to welcome new jobs and business to Detroit Michigan.

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