When you think of The Henry Autograph Collection in Dearborn Michigan, what is the first thing that comes to mind? This AAA Four Diamond hotel is one of the best in our state. It boasts amazing awards, reviews, and customer services. Now when it comes to your reception, how does this work with your wedding lighting? There are multiple banquet rooms available depending on your guest count list. Let’s take a closer look at how lighting design plays a role in your wedding reception.

The Henry Dearborn Available Banquet Rooms

This venue actually has three different rooms available. There is the main ballroom, the medium sized ballroom (pictured in this article), and the smaller room with windows located by the front desk. The main ballroom has windows on the South side, this can put a slight damper on your lighting design because it let’s natural light into the room. Once the sunsets and the house lighting is dimmed the saturation from your uplighting fixtures will be more prominent.

This venue actually has three different rooms available

the_henry_wedding_picture3The smaller sized room has even more windows than the main ballroom. This makes the lighting more susceptible to being washed out with too much natural lighting. Since the room is more intimate you can get away with 20 fixtures in this room to get a well balanced look. The neutral color of the walls makes it light well with any color choices.

Lighting Design at The Henry

For this article we are going to mostly focus on how lighting looks in the medium sized room. This can be partitioned but more than likely you will use the entire space. The average sized Michigan wedding is 200-300 guests. This area of the venue is perfect that amount of family and friends. We have found that the City of Lights packaged with 20 computerized fixtures give the optimal lighting design experience. You get the best of both worlds with formalities and party atmosphere.

The look and feel of The Henry will work with any wedding theme, style, and color

dearborn_wedding_lightingImagine walking through the doorway for your grand entrance, our City of Lights can spotlight your entrance way to make it truly grand. During dinner and cocktail house the City of Lights can project patterns and designs onto your walls. We bundle the uplighting to give a layered look. If you look at the images in this article you will see both primary and secondary colors. Combine this with your wedding color pallet and we’ve just pulled together your entire look.

How Will Your Light Up Your Dearborn Wedding

the_henry_dearborn_wedding2What we love about The Henry is the painstaking attention to detail. Everything from the ornate trim, larger than life chandeliers, to the hotel color scheme; this is how other banquet facilities should model their interior design. The look and feel of The Henry will work with any wedding theme, style, and color. This is one of the main reasons we enjoy referring this venue to clients in need of hotel/banquet arrangements. When it comes to your wedding, our team of lighting designers pay close attention to what are the best features to lightup. If you need help with your Dearborn wedding lighting design, then contact our staff by clicking the link below.

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