1. Do what you say then say what you do

Our reputation is only as strong as our last event. We have just 1 chance to get this right. When we make promises to our clients we deliver. Because of this we believe in leading by example first, then sharing our experiences with others. Clients rely on our reputation for guidance.

2. Treat your event as if it’s our own

You are not just getting a service. You are getting a personalized approach. We care about the success of your event as much as you. It is our natural tendency to develop ways to connect with clients on a personal level. If it matters to you, then it means everything to us.

3. Push boundaries of event excellence

It’s not luck, but a constant strive towards perfection that results in innovation. Our goal is to reinvent services as events evolve. When clients present challenging projects, we face them head on. When we research and capitalize on event trends it benefits our clients.

4. Foster a positive work environment

Our team has a passion for people and entertainment. At the heart of our company is communication. Everyday we look for ways to improve how we interact with each other. This is a vital part of our success because it helps us build leaders at work, at home, and in our communities.

5. Be responsible while having fun

How can you be responsible if you are having fun? As much as this sounds like an oxymoron, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You want responsible individuals that tastefully interact with your guests. When you are being yourself you are having the most fun.

6. Offer a hand when others don’t

Sometimes the most simple gestures are the most appreciated. We will continue to help others when no one asks. No matter if you are a fellow team member, client, guest, or competitor. We understand events can sometimes be stressful, we’ve all been there. A little kindness goes a long way.

7. Create opportunities make memories

This is more than just an event, this is your event. Since your event is unlike any other, there is no perfect recipe that creates memories. We will do the things that work and find new ways to make our services memorable. This isn’t part of our job, it’s who we are. This is what makes Encore your company.

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