Top 200 Requested Songs

When it comes to parties, we don’t just DJ them, we rock them! When you work with Encore, we guarantee that your event will be brought up to a whole new energy level. If you have a themed night we can even cater your music to go along with the theme. With Encore you can rest assured that there will be a variety of music to appeal to everyone! We encourage you to request songs in advance with your online planner. Keep on reading to find out which songs can bring the boom to your room.

We offer our online planner at no cost to you. Once you are confirmed with us you receive a personalized password which gives you unlimited access to the online area. This gives you a full-pass to hundreds of thousands of songs. All you have to do is simply drag and drop your music choices into categories like hot and not hot. If there are specific songs that you want for events such as, announcing of the guest of honor, dinner music, or anything special just fill it in and we’ll make it happen! You can even get your people involved with our Pick n Play which gives your guests the ability to go online and request songs they want to dance too as well! Ultimately, this helps to loosen people up as they feel comfortable with making requests.

Here at Encore Event Group we want to make requesting music fun

Listed below and in your online planner are our Top 200 Requested Songs students request at celebrations. This is a great place to look and see what is trending with your family and friends. There’s a good chance that songs you like, your guests will also want. This is where our Pick n Play comes in handy, and it’s include with every prom DJ package. All you have to do is hand out the Pick n Play cards when you’re inviting guests. This enables your guests to log on to our website and request what jams they want. How cool would it be to dance to a song you requested?

There will always be cult classics when it comes to music. Encore makes it a top priority to keep up to date with the latest releases and the hot 100. Whether it’s a classic slow dance or an interactive mixer, we love using a wide variety of songs and artists and doing remixes on the fly. Encore uses 4 deck mixers which allows us to create totally unique experiences and mixes unlike anything you’ve heard before. On top of all that, we always take requests throughout the night! It’s our goal to ensure that everyone has a night they will remember for years to come. Take a look at our list below to help you with selecting the music for your night!

We are in the process of adding songs to this page. Stay tuned for more song requests.

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